New Droylsden academy opens it’s doors

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Your local Labour Councillors helped welcome pupils to the new academy in January.

There was a lot of excitement and hope for the future.

We wish the pupils and staff at the Academy all the best for the future we know you will succeed.

As Cllr Jim Middleton said

"This magnificent new school was delivered on time and on budget.

It has the best facilities. It will teach young people in Droylsden for many decades to come, giving them the best chance to learn the skills needed for life"


Confidence is returning to Droylsden as the tram works near completion.

We are told that new business enquiries are on the up.

As Cllr Jim Middleton said "We know how times are hard for retailers on High Streets throughout the UK. This Tory led Government is failing on jobs and growth."

It is important that all Droylsden residents support our Town Centre and the new Cafe Rioba is another great reason to visit.

Pictured above with Cllr Jim Middleton and Cllr Susan Quinn is the owner Farris Yousif

Metro forced to hand over £450 thousand for Town centre roads and paths

The journey to prepare and build the new Metro line through Droylsden has taken nearly 4 years and at time brought our town to a standstill.

During that time your local Councillors have met regularly with representatives from the Metro. On many occasions helping local people and businesses find solutions.

It is a fact that all the road work and diversions have put an additional burden on our roads. We have pressed the case for additional money to help pay for their repair.

We don’t accept that Droylsden should have to pay for this work, especially as it means roads outside the town centre could have to wait longer for improvements or indeed miss out.

The details need to be finalised but your Councillors have won the case for an extra £450k funding to improve roads and footpaths in and around the town centre.

The picture above shows Cllr Jim Middleton at the nearly finished Edge Lane stop

Merry Christmas from your Labour team

Saturday, 10 December 2011

For over 20 years your Droylsden Labour team have delivered a Christmas card to households throughout the ward.

Once again we are pleased to pass on the season’s greetings. 

2011 has been difficult for many people and we can only hope that this Christmas brings happiness and new hope to all residents. 

Our pledge for 2012 is to continue working hard for Droylsden. 

Happy Christmas 

Cllr Jim Middleton

Cllr Susan Quinn

Cllr Kieran Quinn

Raised tram line along Droylsden Road STOPPED

Droylsden residents have faced many challenges over the last few years during the work to lay the Metro line.  During that time your local Councillors have challenged Metrolink whenever they brought forward plans that caused additional problems for local people.

As the line moves on from Droylsden to Ashton, through Audenshaw, Metrolink tried to bring forward plans to have a dedicated raised tram track along the centre of Droylsden Road.  

This raised track would have acted as a physical barrier along the road. Included with the raised tram track were additional banned right and left turns. 

Following intense lobbying, from Droylsden East Councillor Kieran Quinn, Metrolink have made major concessions on the scheme through Audenshaw along Droylsden Road.

The dedicated raised tram track HAS NOW BEEN STOPPED. 

As Cllr Quinn said “It was well known that I shared many of the concerns of local people to these new plans. I made a promise that I would work to see a more sensible plan brought forward and I am glad that my actions have resulted in a wholesale redesign of the scheme along this stretch of road.”  

Below is a letter outlining the scheme changes sent by Cllr Kieran Quinn to local resident Teresa Smith.

The main changes include: 

·         No raised Tram Line. The track will be level with the rest of the road. There will be no barrier or physical restriction to vehicles crossing the track.

·         Significantly reduced turning bans in the area.

·         Proposed restrictions on loading will now only occur at peak times (between 0700-10.00 and 16.00-19.00)

·         A number of proposed waiting restrictions have also been removed.

Christmas online advent calendar from GM Police

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Greater Manchester Police know that the festive season is not only a time for families and friends to come together and enjoy themselves it is also a time for criminals looking for easy pickings. 

To remind everyone about the need to be extra vigilant GMP have launched an online advent calendar. Each window contains a piece of artwork created by the children of GMP officers and staff, along with a crime prevention message. 

Please take a moment to open an advent window each day and receive a small piece of Crime Prevention Advice along with a festive Photo.

Christmas Lights Switch On

Thursday, 24 November 2011

With the Town Centre on course to be finished early next year and looking the best it has for some time it was always going to be a Christmas switch on to look forward to. Local people turned up in their hundreds to have a good time and enjoy the entertainment.  

All your Droylsden Councillors helped out but it was Droylsden East Councillor Susan Quinn who as Civic Mayor had the honour to press the button and start the celebrations.  

As Sue said "The faces in the crowd, especially among the towns young told its own story and said to me that it was well worth it.  

"But it isn't just about smiling faces, the switch ons can also help the local economy by bringing in much-needed revenue for local businesses.  

Droylsden East Councillor and Council Leader Cllr Kieran Quinn said: "Although funds are limited more than ever before, this time of year should be a time when we celebrate and look forward to the festive holidays and I would argue that, now more than ever, this should be the case. 

"I attended the Droylsden lights switch on and I thought it was absolutely brilliant. Every penny laid out on the occasion was money well spent.

That’s not just my opinion but a view held by the hundreds who turned out to take part.”  

Cllr Jim Middleton added "As is the case with everything your council does, our Christmas lights switch ons are for the benefit of the residents and businesses. They may seem extravagant to some, but the majority accept how if they bring happiness to people and trade to the town's businesses; that must be a good thing."